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We love our outdoor living spaces such as decks and patios because they are the perfect areas to relax and entertain. However, Outdoor Aussie Blinds can increase your enjoyment of your home’s patio in Ryde or Macquarie Park with our outdoor roller blinds.

Benefits of Outdoor Roller Blinds in Ryde

Outdoor roller blinds enclose your patio without sacrificing the enjoyment of being outside. The screen mesh material blocks and reflects up to 95% of the damaging UV rays. Everybody knows the dangers of UV rays for our skin, but they also damage your patio sets. UV rays cause deterioration of fabrics and materials which destroy your belongings in just a few seasons. The investment in blinds will save you the money of replacing your furniture every couple of years.

The sun supplies heat as well, and our blinds will keep you cooler inside and outside the house. Outdoor roller blinds will reduce the temperature of your patio making it a much more comfortable area to relax however they will lower the sun’s thermal energy entering your house as well. The blinds reduce your energy bills by keeping the house cooler by minimising usage of the air conditioner so much. The money saved in energy helps offset the cost of your new blinds.

Wind and rain diminish your enjoyment of your patio, but outdoor roller blinds can help by creating a barrier. Fresh air permeates the blinds so they don’t completely block the wind and you can still enjoy the breeze. The shades also prevent debris from blowing in and making a mess so you can keep the area clean easier. The mesh is small enough to keep everything relatively dry when blowing rains may soak your furniture too.

Nobody likes uninvited company such as little critters buzzing around when cooking on the barbeque or relaxing. Outdoor blinds create a barrier for the bugs and prevent them ruining your good time and you can enjoy being out in nature without the annoyances. They increase your privacy as well because the screen mesh is hard for neighbours to see in but still gives you a full view of your beautiful backyard. You can view our gallery to see how attractive outdoor blinds look and to help you decide which type are right for you.

Buying Outdoor Roller Blinds

Our roller blinds come with several options from which to choose and we will be there to help at every step. For example, the roller mechanisms come in options to suit your needs, and various colours exist from for your selection. However, we will do all the measuring and installation for a worry-free process. We pride ourselves on knowledgeable and friendly customer service and can customise a set just for you.

If you’re considering enhancing your living area with outdoor roller blinds contact Outdoor Aussie Blinds Pty Ltd. Our experienced staff will answer all your questions and book an appointment for us to come to Ryde or Macquarie Park to give you a free quote.

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